Android PC Suite, Android PC Suite For PC, Android PC Suite For Windows, How To Manage Android Phone Using PC Windows, Backup and Restore Data Android PhoneLike the PC Suite application Android, SnapPea also an Android PC Suite management application, although this application is not an official Android application from Google, but this app provides many useful features for mobile or smartphone manufacturers such as Motorola, Samsung, and Apple.

There is two part owned by SnapPea as Android PC Suite. The first section is the Windows client and Part Two is an Android application. Once your mobile or smartphone connected to a PC using Windows SnapPea Android PC Suite application will be given a lot of features that can be utilized, the most important are the backup and restore features.

Interface SnapPea Android PC Suite can be said to be very good and can facilitate the users of this application. There are several menus that appear on the welcome screen SnapPea, Apps, Contacts, Messaging, Music, Pictures, and Videos.

With this application, you can modify and access cellular data or smartphone, such as installing and removing Android apps, manage multimedia (pictures, music, and videos), access contacts and messages.

You can also perform a data backup mobile or smartphone, SnapPea Android PC Suite offers the ability to perform backups messages, contacts, applications, multimedia, etc. As well as SnapPea can transfer files between mobile or smartphone to your PC or vice versa. Data synchronization can also be performed on the application SnapPea.

Overall, SnapPea a supporting software such as PC Suite for mobile or Android smartphones and tablets.

SnapPea Features and Highlights:
Manage your Android mobile or smartphone from a Windows PC
Sending text messages from your PC
Both can manage data as contacts, messages, and multimedia

SnapPea is licensed as Freeware which can be downloaded for free for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system/platform of the cell phone device without restrictions.

Version History

Old versions of SnapPea
Current version SnapPea (31.61 MB)
Release status Major release with minor updates builds and revisions.
Version: V2 Minor: 76 Build: 0 Revision: 6535
Old versions Older versions SnapPea, SnapPea, SnapPea, SnapPea, SnapPea and SnapPea .
Distributed as EXE (Windows Executable)
Found with SnapPea has most often been found with SnapPea, Snapea Crisps and SnapPea Review.It may also be found on other sites such as cnet or Softpedia.
Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


License and Usage

What you can and cannot do
Released as Freeware
Restrictions Completely free with no restrictions.
EULA SnapPea includes an EULA which must be accepted in order to complete the installation.
Pricetag $0.00 (Free to use)